135 Rigsby Rd
Crab Orchard, KY   40419
(540) 446-3650

Located in Lincoln County, we are a family ran RAW goat milk dairy. Our milk is available through herd share only and can be picked up at the farm on a weekly basis. Our venture to be the highest quality organically sourced raw milk in KY has been no small feat. We take great pride in what we do and how your body responds to the nourishment we provide. Everything we need to nourish our bodies and souls is in the earth. We are just stewards of the land and the animals that prosper from her bounty. Food and drink are medicine, and when managing the land and livestock holistically with love and balance we believe that everything we need is readily available to us. A great resource in knowledge to us has been the book “The Raw Truth about Milk” written by William Campbell Douglass II, MD. We are also in the process of becoming certified humane.

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