We’re a group of like minded individuals growing premium cannabis {hemp} with good intentions and big ideas. We care about what goes into our bodies, and share that same care for others. We don’t compromise on quality and strive to partner with those who will help us meet the highest standards possible.  We value a personal connection to our work, so we take a hands-on approach in growing, cultivation and processing. We strive to maintain a clean, organic practice, and leave a minimal footprint.Our team is strong, dedicated and constantly learning about this dynamic industry. We have been following the USDA Organic procedures and are currently working towards acquiring our organic certification in the months to come as we feel it is an important part of our story. Accountability, transparency and communication are vital to us and we vow to share our process with you in hopes to gain your trust! We are excited to be experimenting with some other crops, herbs, fresh farm eggs and veggies this season and look forward to growing relationships with like-minded partners.  Our love for this work is what inspires us to keep going in an industry with so much unknown. We hope you’ll follow along as we work on growing our passion project. 

Crop Offerings

CBD Lotion, CBD Oil, CBD wax, fresh cut herbs, Hemp, Herbs, Mushrooms, Natural Fiber

Protein Offerings


This web directory is a community resource to help you research local farm options. OAK does not facilitate any financial transactions.