We started homesteading on our farm 12 years ago. Michael (16yrs old) & Annabelle (14 years old) have a diverse barnyard to care-tend. Our Chicken flock is mostly heritage breeds like Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Bantams, and many others. Our Duck flock includes Rouens, Pekin, and so many more colors. Farm Geese like Pilgrim have also been started on our  homestead farm. Our fowl are free ranged, pastured, during the day and cooped at night. We are all natural with our husbandry, feed CERTIFIED ORGANIC GRAINS (non-GMO), and do not use any dangerous treatments.  We want clean, wholesome food for our livestock too! We are Kentucky Proud and have our Egg Handlers license. We have eating eggs for sale: chicken , duck, geese. We also offer hatching eggs.

Protein Offerings

Eggs, Milk

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