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Green Hemp Farms is currently producing high quality full-spectrum CBD oil (distillate) and wax in our 300L (50L X 6) CO2 Supercritical Extraction Equipment at an 8200 sq. ft. industrial facility in Delta, CO.  Colorado is one of the earliest states to start Cannabis/Industrial Hemp Farming for medical use and recreational purposes. This facility can produce and distill close to 200 Kg. of full-spectrum CBD oil per month when running in its full capacity.

The company also purchased a 62,000 sq. ft. industrial building in La Junta, CO to produce CBD-rich Hemp clones to distribute to licensed farmers around the country. There are plans to package various CBD oil containing products at this facility as well.

Green Hemp Farms just finished installing an Ethos-6 Alcohol Extraction unit with distillation at a recently purchased 16,000 sq. ft. facility in Louisville, Kentucky. When running in its full capacity, this facility will produce 500 Kg. of CBD isolate per month. Through its sister company, Green Hemp Farms owns 309 acres of agricultural land in Kentucky. We have also obtained an Outdoor Hemp Farming license for 150 acres for 2019 season for Industrial research purposes from Kentucky department of agriculture. Green Hemp Farms has hired a Cannabis Grower, experienced in Outside Cannabis Farming to manage this farm as well as numerous local farmers.

Crop Offerings

CBD Oil, CBD wax, Hemp, Hemp Clones, Skincare, Soaps

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